CW191 Nasty Wrestling vol 2

V191 Nasty Wrestling, Vol. 2
Venus De Light vs Chantel

Following hard on the heels of Volume 1, this second in the Nasty Wrestling Series is just what fans of nipple torture have been looking for. These two voluptuous beauties slam their ample breasts together, take double handfulls and squeeze, then tweak each others' nipples until tortured cries ring out over the mats. Venus and Chantel have never been more vicious in their pursuit of complete domination over their opponents. Nasty Wrestling, Vol. 2 offers real topless wrestling action on the mats, evolves into a nude catfight complete with hairpulling and slapping, then progresses to a full sexfight replete with kissing, c-to-c action- and an intense breast battle. Stacy Burke shines as the referee of our dreams -- e.g., the one who'll let it all happen! Forty minutes of exquisitely painful competition make this fantasy more real than most reality!


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