CW189 Nasty Wrestling vol 1

V189 Nasty Wrestling, Vol. 1

There was a plan.

Bring two beautiful wrestlers together and turn them loose on the mats. Let them wrestle, one on one.  Pin/submission style, much like the old days at Video Sports Ltd. Loose rules.
See where the action would go.
We were in for a surprise.
No, we were in for a shock.
Bionca and Star are wild women.

Bionca stands 5'8" at 130 lbs. Star Chandler is 5'11" at 145 lbs.
Both are uninhibited and aggressive with a taste for kink.
It could go any number of ways - we didn't know how to call it.

It went out of control.

They exacted painful submissions from each other.  Each laid the other out spread eagled in full body pins.  The action heated up as they wound their hands in each other's long hair.
Star tightened her powerful, ultra-long legs around Bionca; Bionca clamped her teeth on Star's nipple and bit down. Hard. For real.

The two women stopped acting and they stopped wrestling.  They became two crazed she-cats with their own agenda, and we knew better than to stop them.
Their match evolved into a sexfight unlike anything we have ever seen before, with a totally nude facesitting humiliation that took a turn we hadn't planned on.
Forty eight minutes later we were all shaking.

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