CW196 Necessary Roughness

V196 Necessary Roughness
V196 Necessary Roughness

Chantel is a sexfight addict, a veritable cat in heat. She craves the hot lips of her next partner and the sting of that cheek on her palm.
Enter Ava Vincent, a shy,
blonde – too timid for the aggressive redhead’s needs?
I’d say not… and you will, too, after this rousing rock-‘em-sock-‘em sexual donnybrook. Brutal breast-battling, hairpulling and face-slapping – all the elements of a first-rate catfight -- blend with passionate kissing and the painful pleasure of pube pounding.
This is Chantel at her best with the spectacular Ava in a 52 minute sexfight that transcends the genre. These women fight fireside, battle on the bed, and meet in the jacuzzi in a multi-orgasmic match to remember.

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