CW199 Angry Candy Kisses

The best catfight we have shot in years… and an intensely violent sexfight …. Angry Candi Kisses is two great videos in one package. Sharon Kane and Candi have mastered nasty kissing without losing the knack for slapping, kicking, hair-pulling, and breast-biting.
In a rock 'em- sock 'em battle that overturns furniture and scatters files Sharon trashes the office where her husband has played the hound dog to Candi's hot bitch. The two women tear into one another so violently that their neighbor must wrench them apart to restore order on the floor.
The two rivals take their quarrel to a bed and breakfast where Candi and Jim have spent those "business trips," and the two supervixens get down to business. Nipple-biting, tongue-sucking, pussy-grinding, breast battling, and good old-fashioned wrestling come into play, along with some of the bitchiest repartee we have heard to date. When each woman wrenches a handful of pubic hair from the other's bush, this fight kicks into overdrive.
If you're looking for a hot and nasty sexfight with plenty of punch, Angry Candi Kisses delivers: 54 minutes of intense pleasure.

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