CW186 The Bare Bitch Project

The Bare Bitch Project
The Bare Bitch Project
In the fall of October 1998 three co-eds set out into the woods outside Oneonta, NY.
A year later this footage was found.
Their disappearance has remained a mystery to this day -- though one thing is certain: by the time these girls disappeared ..... they did not like each other at all. Well, except maybe in the kissy way.

Nikki Steele is the bitchy sorority sister, and this is her project. She has enlisted her classmate, Tawny, and the little foreign exchange student Maren to assist her in this misadventure.
Their expedition into the night forest degenerates quickly into a hairpulling, slapping,
body slamming fray between lithe, blonde Nikki and her dark-haired cohort Tawny. And they have no sooner settled that than the next night Nikki slides into Maren's sleeping bag and stirs up an intensely sexual conflict. Catfights, sexfights, facesitting; three young co-eds lost in the forest at night --
is it a nightmare or an hour-long wet dream?
Or just some footage found in an abandoned tent?




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