CW187 The Bigger They Come part 1

The Bigger They Come Part 1

Two extraordinarily endowed dominatrices, redhead Teddi Barett (Like a Fine Wine and Raging Youth) and brunette newcomer Fantasia, pit their slender slaves against one another. Luscious blonde Nikki Steele (The Bare Bitch Project) and lean and mean Tasha Welch (Fantasy in Oil #2, The Naked Edge) tear into one another in a catfight strip contest: whoever exacts a fall from her opponent chooses which item of clothing the loser must remove next.
The two combatants set about tweaking each other's nipples and twisting each other's hair until one cries out in agony. Their contest deteriorates into an all-out catfight until piece by piece their fetish wear is shed. The winner subjects the loser to a humiliating defeat.
Now one of the doms enters the fray and abuses the irritating little slave, and the other dom is forced to confront her in what threatens to become a bigger battle than either of them bargained on.
Here is an hour-long fetish-clad catfighting-facesitting spectacular guaranteed to thrill and amaze you.

DVD 187 - $59.00 US


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