Several of the tapes you see here are the products of private commissions. Occasionally a collector will want something that goes a little further, that narrows the focus, that costs more than we can afford in a commercial production.
The video could involve specialized wardrobe, as did Dominator I, Survival of the Fetish, Plastic Fantastic, or Cats in Heat. It could involve and extra measure of facesitting humiliation, like In Miss Appleby’s Face. Violent Love and Cyber Heat sprang from the heart of a man who loved sexfights, and Violent Grudge 3 & 4 from the mind of one who wanted to carry a concept further.
Whatever your pleasure, we can create it on video, provided no one has passed a law against it and we’re not totally grossed out.
(That would eliminate children, dogs, and excrement – was that clear?)

Custom Videos by California Wildcats

Our standard charge for a 60 minute tape that we can distribute is $3500. One that you insist is truly private or that offers us no commercial benefit – well, let’s talk. The $3500 seldom covers our expenses, which is why we need to sell it to reap some reward for our labor. E-mail us at
and let us know what you would like.

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