Nasty Business

V242 Nasty Business stars Shay Sights and Carolyn Monroe as two buxom, long-legged advertising executives at work on a campaign for "Smoochy's Lingerie." They are attracted to one another in spite of their office rivalry; soon the sexual tension leads to a series of comparisons. They present legs, feet, and toes to one another, as well as bottoms and breasts. Even their tongues come into play. The ultimate test unfolds on the office floor as they go pussy to pussy and breast to breast to determine which is the better woman.
This is a specialty video, and will be wonderful for anyone is search of a certain type of entertainment. For those who favor feet there is a 12 minute section devoted to leg, foot, and toe action-something at which these two women excel. Looking for a great breast battle? More than half an hour is devoted to their breasts-and ample breasts they are! Want a sexfight with plenty of sexual tension in the buildup? Look no further.
This is not, however, a wrestling video, nor a hairpulling catfight. Nasty Business is a long, circuitous journey to an overwhelming, mind-blowing orgasm. A lot of fetish action comes into play en route as two women strive to prove their superiority to one another. Highly recommended to lovers of statuesque businesswomen with a taste for kink.

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