CW 249
Unholy Humiliation


Sharon Kane... a favorite of ours since Bad Day at the Office and In Miss Appleby's Face.....
Keri Windsor...face spitting superstar of Legal Tangle
Keri is the neighborhood Bible Lady, and Sharon the neighborhood lesbian.

Keri comes to tell Sharon how unwelcome she is. Sharon says 'Thank you'... as in 'Iíll have some!'
And she does. Much to Keriís dismay and pleasure.
When the curtain rises on Act II, Keri has developed a taste for what Sharon has to offer, and now itís Sharonís turn to make the pretty blonde beg. More than 70 minutes in all. Unholy Humiliation takes you into the darker side of salvation.... a shocking exploration of the dark side of deviant sex...
Oh, and penetration with an object is involved.
As well as some other stuff. Itís pretty nasty.


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