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Wild Things 2


You’ve waited two years for the sequel to the most popular video in history—and here it it is, at last.
You remember Part 1 — when Amy met Nadege? At the wrestling convention in Pasadena? This is Part 2.
When she left—when Nadege flew back to Belgium—Amy promised they would meet again. “Come back in the summer,” she said. “Come back when the sun is hot and the beach is bright and I can show you what California is really like.” 
Nadege came in summer, and Amy set out to show her a world of motorcycles and sushi, sailing and surfing and sweating. Throughout it all, there was just one special part of California Nadege wanted. And Amy wasn’t giving that up easy.
But before the day was out the two found themselves where they had wanted to be all along, and they sought relief from the sexual tension that had driven them for the past year. 
Wild Things 2 brings together two of the sexual powerhouses of our time. Amy and Nadege are young and strong and proud; fond as they are of each other, each wants to be on top. Their story is a classic struggle for sexual domination—of tribadism and kissing and oral sex all in pursuit of the partner’s orgasm. Each wants to triumph—but must that be at the expense of her own pleasure? Two young women try their best to make the best of both worlds.

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