CW 253  Dueling DDs #6
Here is the final chapter in one of California Wildcats' most popular series.


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Tanya Danielle and Devon Michaels meet in the most fitting of locations: the gym. These two fittest-of-the-fit models have been assigned gym-time to work off a bit of chocolate cake. They use the bikes, the weights, and then a stint on the mats to burn off the extra pounds and a smidgen of hostility. 
Did we say, "smidgen?" It seems there's a whole lot of hostility to burn. This contest of pins and submissions turns into a strip off, and, in time, a sexfight. The two superstars pit muscle against muscle, breast against breast; they wrap their legs around one another and squeeze. Hair pulling, breast grabbing, crotch slamming-when you're burning hostility anything's fair.
And nothing tops off a good wrestle like a hot shower-especially when the loser must soap up and wash down the winner's wet, naked body. 
Kissing, breast-rubbing, and pussy-to-pussy action abound-Dueling Double DDs #6 is every bit as good as the five that went before it!

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