Nasty Eye
for the Distant Guy


Recommended for fans of utterly uninhibited sybaritic abandon- and for guys who just like it nasty.

45 minute feature plus coming attractions.

stars Sharon Kane and Bionca Seven.
Bionca has a date with a Cyber John, but he's late and Sharon is early, and the combination brews a sexfight of outrageous dimensions.
"Anything you can do, I can do better," proclaims Bionca, and Sharon rises to the challenge. Nipple pulling, shoe sucking, spitting, spanking, and more-there are no limits when this pair goes head to head. Pussy eating and ass licking and some good, old-fashioned biting and kissing make for a sexual contest unlike any you have seen before. Oral sex and nasty talk take these friends-- and that unseen viewer-to a very special place.

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DVD 254- $59.00 US
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