Ring Ruler brings a bevy of big-breasted blondes to the
squared circle, where they bare all and do battle.

V255 Ring Ruler
Tanya Danielle is a trainer 
with a task: to turn these 
young lovelies into fighting 
machines. Goldie and 
Mackenzie Mack show promise; 
soon they are showing a whole 
lot more. Tanya's not happy 
with the first match between 
her two charges, and she sets 
out to teach Mackenzie the 
first lesson. Goldie is next, 
and soon Tanya cranks the 
tension up a notch. 
Wrestling, catfights, 
sexfights, spitting, 
spanking, and more-it's all 
here. It takes ninety-five 
minutes of ring action to 
prove once and for all just 
who is the Ring Ruler-but 
it's well worth the wait. For 
fans of big breast action 
there will be no better 
choice this year! Here are 
breasts on breasts, and 
breasts in hands, and faces, 
and mouths. Breasts in 
pussies, breasts between 
legs-you'll see breasts doing 
things you never thought 
breasts could do. 
But for DVD viewers, there's 

After their bouts the 
exhausted battlers retire to 
the shower, where they rub 
away the aches and pains of a 
hard day's lesson. This five 
minute extra scene is not 
available on tape-only on the 
DVD version.
Don't miss a crossover 
classic-Ring Ruler brings all 
the best to lovers of Massive 
Mammaries in Action!

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