V256 Ambition


Ambition stars Penny Flame and Charlie Laine, with a cameo by Penthouse Pet Jana Cova.
Penny and Charlie are co-eds, and Penny is dragging roommate Charlie kicking and screaming through Calculus 101. They are both starving students, yet their pal Jana never has to worry. Her secret? She's a porn star!
Charlie and Penny want a crack at the big time-- glamour, easy money, and hot sex-- but they learn it comes at a cost. Two gentle lovers become sex-crazed whores in an intensely competitive audition, and their friendship hangs in the balance.
The DVD—and only the DVD!—contains bonus footage: an alternate ending with a close up of the never-before-seen amazing quivering pussy! Not to be missed!
Two sex scenes with very different moods-- tender kisses and hard bites, spectacular cunnilingus and ecstatic 69; tribadism both rough and sensuous.
If you like your girls young and your sex blinding hot, Ambition should top your list of "must-sees" in 2004!

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