CW 263 Bizarre Boob Bash
Stars Utah Sweet and Summer Cummings in a movie we can best describe as... bizarre!
It will not be to everyone's taste-- but it just might be to yours. Photos

Utah Sweet is the Nasty Neighbor to Summer's delightful Innocent. Utah is a very mature former bodybuilder. Summer is soft and curvy and her breasts are legendary. When Utah bullies Summer, strips her and carries her from her porch to the garden we know the voluptuous brunette is in for some punishment.
And maybe more pleasure than she is ready for.
This movie will appeal to:
...those who favor a struggle between an older and a younger woman
...lovers of Big Boobs of sexual domination
...and those of you tired of the same old-same old.
Because Bizarre Boob Bash is ...a different kind of sexfight.
Bizarre Boob Bash features bear hugs and breast lifts, intense kissing, lift and carry, oral sex, masturbation, tribadism, and more.
Are you man enough to handle that?

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