CW 275
Step into Stockings

Östars gorgeous blonde newcomer
Sue Diamond and perennial favorite
Isabella Camille.
Sue is selling lingerie, and Isabella is
looking to be her best customer.


Each has fabulous legs and flawless breasts, and each will have an opportunity to prove that to the other in the course of this 83 minute sexfight spectacular.
Here is the most extensive leg action we have ever shotólong, shapely legs in fine stockings, and footplay with lovely feet.
These two pit their breasts against one anotheróslowly, sensuously, oiled to a fine sheen, and then slammed hard against one anotherís. Nipples duel, pressing hard and knocking the opposing nipples over. This is the longest and most detailed breast battle we have ever shotóand yet there is more.
The women lick each otherís tongues, suck them, and thrust them deep into each otherís mouths. They grab each otherís asses and squeeze. The women stand and rub their well-oiled asses together and pound them until the heat drives them to extraordinary tribadism.  Slowly, sensuously, inexorably the tension builds until the hard-fought and well-earned orgasm that divides winner from loser sweeps over the young beauty.
We challenge you to find a more satisfying visual experience this summer.
Try 83 minutes of female flesh intent on bringing home what you have longed to see.
Watch as Sue Diamond and Isabella Camille Step into Stockings.
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