The Crypt,
Episodes 2,3


In 2 we find Tia Rossi and Lyla Lei. Once again the anthropology professor finds herself in a dispute with one of her young and sexy students. Lyla Lei has the advantage that she has seen Tia settle her differences before and she knows how good she is. 
The question is, Does Lyla challenges her professor to prove that she is better? Or is it because she wants what her professor has for her.
This sexual encounter brings more than what the sexy student can handle! Hot passionate kisses, nipple sucking, pussy licking and hair pulling.
Episode 3 brings back Sarah Blake as an outstanding sexy anthropology student, and introducing Lily Thai as the angry descendent from the now explored bones in the mysterious caves. Lily brings with her so much anger and rage and she only knows one way to settle it. The sex fight takes place immediately, ripping each other clothes off and pulling each others hair, eagerly straining for a level of closeness rarely seen. 
The fight progresses into a women humiliation, who can control the other? Who is the better woman? Lily Thai has a no holds barred attitude, and Sarah Blake brings all her college sexual experience to the game. This one really raises the bar.
Two fights, one movie nothing but the best from these four hot super sex stars. 
95 minutes of steaming interracial sex!
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