D289  The Successor 1


Starring two gorgeous newcomers to the California Wildcats fold, Anabelle Lee and Carli Banks.
The two young stepsisters hear from their Mom that she is retiring from the family business.  Redheaded firecracker Anabelle is sure that deep down Mom means for her to run the business and Carli is just a sure that she is going to be the one.
What to do??
There really is only one way to decide this and you guessed it, a sexfight to the finish.
Anabelle tries to psych out Carli with a slow strip in front of the fireplace. Not to be outdone Carli shows Anabelle that she isn't the only stunning beauty in the house.  With lots of long sensuous kissing, they slowly explore their bodies.  As they press their breasts together for the first time they run their hands all over each other
it seems as though this is something they have always wanted to do -- and now they must.
Beautiful bottoms and delicious little breasts are all explored as they realize that this is not going to be easy.
Loving kisses slowly give way to hungry nipple licking and sucking as they work their way down. Pussy rubbing, deep fingering and licking come into play while we are treated to the prettiest little pussies we've seen in quite a while.
When they discover the magic of tribadism it's a beautiful thing to see as they try to outlast each 
other with this very special loving.
Kissing, fingering, tribadism,hungry oral and 69.
59 minutes and they want to come back...

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