CW290 The Perfect Roommate

Starring Big Boob Girls Summer Cummings and Sofia Staks.
Poor Summer needs a new place to live. It's tough when you look like her, nobody with a husband or boyfriend wants her anywhere near. So when Summer answers Sofia's ad she has no idea what she's in for. It turns out to be the interview of a lifetime.
When these two mega-busty beauties press their mammoth mammaries together we get a hint of the delicious fun about to break loose. With Summer sitting on Sofia's lap getting her loooong tongue sucked while their breasts are mashed together you're thinking "it's gonna get good."
Later as Sofia pins Summer to the wall Summer discover untapped strengths she didn't know she had. She knows she will have to be equal or better than her super confident opponent and it isn't going to be easy. Tongue sucking and kissing, strength and breast contests, it's smokin' hot but when the bikinis come off the real battle begins. Spectacular oral sex, fingers, breasts, and tribadism. Positions you have to see to believe in this wild display of sexual power.

Wow! 75 minutes.

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