The Rules
starring Sofia Staks and Goldie.
Megaboobed Sofia has just moved into a new house and there is a knock at the door. It's busty Goldie Blair and she is here to welcome Sofia to the neighborhood. No, she isn't part of the "Welcome Wagon". Goldie is here to lay down the law with a list of rules. "Don't park your car in my space, keep the noise down, no barking dogs, and on and on.
Goldie sets out to show Sofia who is the number one girl in the neighborhood. Sofia just isn't the kind of woman who will take this kind of abuse from anyone, let alone from a bigmouthed English bitch like Goldie. As they circle around eyeing each other you just know where this is going to start. And how the end will be decided.
Breast to breast they begin and they know that it will take everything they have to settle this. Trash talk in abundance as they use their bodies as weapons to overpower each other.
Staredowns, fingers locked in a test of strength while they bash their breasts together, intense kissing, bearhugs, then it's "up against the wall bitch" and the fingers come out to play.... and this is just the beginning.
Massive mammaries, trash talk, kissing, awesome trib, juicy 69 all drive this story to it's spectacular conclusion.
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