CW 303 Revenge


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CW 303 Revenge

Anabelle Lee and Lexi Belle

Anabelle is consumed by the memory of prison guard Lexi torturing her while she was in jail.  She can't sleep, she can't eat, she can't get rid of the thoughts running through her head of the constant nightly degrading acts she was forced to perform for and on Lexi. 
There is only one way to get the relief she desperately needs.
Anabelle sets off to find Lexi for some well deserved payback.  Lucious Lexi has since left law enforcement, moved to the canyon and and found fame in her new career which she is so much better suited for -- stripping. 
Arriving at Lexi's Anabelle taunts her with all the things she plans to do to her.  Lexi doesn't get it..... but she will, Anabelle knows just how to make her squeal like a bitch.
65 minutes

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