CW 304
Centerfold Showdown




CW 304

Centerfold Showdown

Charlie Laine and Celeste Star are both on set for a photo shoot.   The photographer will be shooting both of them to decide who will be the next Centerfold Girl or perhaps a two girl shoot.  But each of these vixens tries to upstage the other and it's obvious there is no love lost between them.  Flaunting their spectacular bodies and caressing themselves as if to say " I'm better than you" they crowd each other and vie for the prominent position in all of the pictures.  Soon the photographer realizes that there is no working together for these two and the best he can hope for is to choose just one. 

It's a tough decision and what he decides is to let them work it out for themselves alone and in private in the manner that we all hope for -- in the bedroom.

These two have a very real rivalry and it shows.  It wasn't easy to get them to settle up sexually but they do and it is a wonderful thing to see.

69 minutes

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