CW 305
Office Rivals

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You asked; we listened. Many of you have wanted to see a   return to they type of action that made California Wildcats famous. And so we did. This is the roughest video we have     shot since... well you be the judge. If rougher action makes     you squeamish better give this one a pass. But if this is what you've been waiting for--we want to know.

Office Rivals opens up with the new hire, Celeste Star,       coming in to work as Charlie Laine's assistant. The two immediately dislike each other. Tension mounts as these        two suit-clad vixens struggle to focus on work.
After clashing one too many times, they find
they cannot stand each other.    


CW 305  Office Rivals

The violence errupts in slapping, pushing, and hair-pulling, as these two girls entwine themselves, wrestling for domination. Each girl's anger is unleashed as she hurls insults at her opponent and grabs her to rip off her sexy clothing.

Charlie throws Celeste down on the floor and the two office rivals bite and spank each other as their screams fill the room. Each girl spits on her opponent to prove that she is inferior, and their pussies and bellies gleam with spit and sweat. Celeste's stinging slaps leave bright marks on Charlie's soft body. They pound each other's pussies and Celeste throws some hard punches. Charlie will not give up; she quickly regains control and gives Celeste slippery wet pussy a good beating. Charlie's breasts bounce violentyly as Celeste fucks her wet pussy. Tables turn when Charlie mounts Celeste and wraps her fingers in her long soft brunette head of hair.

Who will come out dominant? Who wins out in this terrible battle of office rivals?

Lovers of great catfight action combined with rough pube pounding tribadism, 69, hair-pulling, choking, spitting, slapping and biting of breasts, with a few punches thrown for good measure should not miss this.

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