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Jana Cova, Charlie Laine 
and Caleigh Wilde in non sex role

In the motion for selling her house Caleigh Wilde is relying on the two most beautiful girls in the business,  Jana Cova and Charlie Laine.  In this erotic yet aggressive desire to be the one who gets to sell Caleigh's house,  our two sexy vixens strip each other, spank, kiss and run their hands all over one another.  As their clothes fly off onto Caleigh's face and body, we too can  feel the hot erotic craving for more... 

The  two now naked vixens take it to the bedroom, while Caleigh spies on them through a hidden camera. The spanking, the hair pulling, pussy licking, fingering, nipple biting and sucking is just the beginning of a nonstop quest for power and money that will make one sexy woman the best real estate agent, and the most qualified to do whatever it takes to close the deal...

Multiple orgasms, Trib, 69 and all the foreplay combine to make this a stand out sexual contest not to be missed.

       This is the last video for Jana as she is now retired. Good bye and good luck, we'll miss you


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