CW 309 Bragging Rights

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CW309  Bragging Rights

        After an Internet challenge these two sexy brunettes fight for the right to                                     brag about their sexual prowess.                                                                    Deauxma the Texas trib queen faces off with her challenger Goldie,                                       a voluptuous woman with delicious nipples. Their rivalry is long-lasting, but they know that they can settle it now, at Goldie’s place.  Anyone who loves breast action: nipple flicking, boob bashing, and sensuous mammary massage, this is the one           for you! But it doesn't stopthere.     Goldie and Deauxma wrestle with their chests                 and pound on each other’s clits. We give you tribadism, 69, cunnilingus,                                   crotch rubbing, kissing, spanking and much, much, more!                                Wait for the explosive wet finish!

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