CW 311 Best Friends



Shot in native 16:9

CW311 Best Friends

Best friends Valerie and Melanie have an appointment with a famous magazine producer.  On the day of the interview  we see them in the jacuzzi  talking and wondering just what the man wants.  Hopefully they get to be featured in his magazine. Will it be together?

When meeting with the producer, they find he wants them to strip for each other while he watches and tells them a little about his selection process.  He wants the hottest of the two and he just can't make up his mind, so he asks them to settle it themselves in the best way possible, in the bedroom.

Lovers of hot kissing.  Fans of cunnilingus. Connoisseurs of fine tribidism. You won't be disappointed because these girls know how to party and pull out every one of their tricks in a mad attempt to exhaust the other.  And what they do will rock your world.

62 minutes starring Melanie Rios and Valerie Rios.



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