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CW313 Desperation

CW 313 Desperation




Shot in native 16:9

CW 313 Desperation

Two party girls,  beautiful Melanie and  Veronica, are walking home empty handed after being promised $5,000 each.
As these petite Latina ladies argue over whose fault it is they lost the money,
a seductive stranger stops and offers them a ride and maybe more.

She takes them to her home for a chance to relax along with the possibility
of some help in getting their money.  She offers them a dip in the jacuzzi and a drink
while she makes some calls.   Instead of making phone calls Sarah slips into the bedroom and hides a camera.
  She calls them out,  tells them to get pretty and join her in the house. 
The wet women wonder what she might want them to do.

They come to the bedroom where the woman waits.
  Her smile is gone and she will not give money to both of them.  She will only give it to the one who can
“suck, fuck, and lick,” the other one into submission. 
They are a little concerned but also desperate so they agree. 
To the victor goes the spoils, or does it?

Oral fans, lovers of kissing, tribadism, and fingering with
squirting climaxes, and trash talk will not be disappointed. 


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