CW208 Legs and Lust

V208 Legs and Lust: Lingerie Worth Fighting For

Tori Sinclair and Renee La Rue are lingerie models, hot off a shoot for Nick's ad campaign, "Lingerie Worth Fighting For." Busty Renee challenges the voluptuous Tori to a "friendly fight," one that can only end in the orgasm of the loser.
They take the hands-on approach - hands on breast, hands in hair, hands where they will count the most… in each other's luscious lingerie.
Long legs and stiletto heels, black garter belts and stockings… two buxom beauties with lust in their hearts and a grudge to settle on the mats massage one another's crotches until each is on the brink of orgasm. They nearly lose their minds but they never lose their shoes. They scissor one another with no other goal than to immobilize their opponent while their fingers work their magic on their rosy red lips. They pat, they tweak, they twist and squeeze - if their hands aren't between each other's legs they're tangled in hair or wrapped around ample breasts. Here are 56 minutes of highly charged erotica unlike anything we have shot before.

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