CW209 Nasty As They Come



Nasty As They Come

Two women wait for the final interview - the one that will grant a prestigious job to Lena Ramone or Mia Domore. The recruiter has seen each of them in a meeting on campus, and it is apparent each had sex with "Bill." The hiring committee runs out of time, however, and the women are forced to share a room while awaiting the morning's conference. In the confines of that hotel room the two conduct their own competition, replete with slapping, breast squeezing, hair pulling, and spitting. Lena and Mia take sexfighting to a new level.
Nasty As They Come is as intense as any fight we have ever shot, in bed or out. But be aware: multiple orgasms are linked with copious saliva and explicit sexual action - this is not a video for the faint of heart! 60 minutes of breathtaking excitement.

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