V217 Wild Things

We could have called this tape "Lemonade," as in what you make when Life hands you lemons. We could have written a subtitle: "Shot LIVE at the Female Fighting Expo…the private show!" But in the end we figured years from now no one would care how it came to be; they would only remember these two young wild things. 

Amy O. commented on the irony to Nadege: that morning they had been scheduled to beat each other up; by midnight they were vying to eat each other up.

The infamous Expo was shut down a few hours before the long awaited wrestling match between Virago's Amy and Beatrice Goffin's protégé Nadege could take place. The two had been eyeing each other throughout the morning, and when Pasadena's finest shut the doors Amy confided in me how disappointed she was. She had wanted to get next to the lithe, powerful Belgian-any way she could. That remark stuck with me, and over dinner with a fan who had come a long ways and was wishing for something more a plan began to come together. 

We literally ran into fans wandering the sidewalks of Pasadena and began to conspire. Eventually six of us gathered to witness California Wildcats' first live-with-an-audience sexfight.

These young women were so hot to go at one another they didn't wait for the cameraman. They hopped on the bed and rolled into a brief struggle to determine who was on top. Then the "fight" - and it may be too sweetly sensuous to fully qualify as combat -began.

These women's weapons were their lips and hips, their delicate little breasts and pinching fingers. The contest seemed over too early, and then Nadege struggled back from the brink of orgasm.

Both of their young bodies rippled with muscle and gleamed with sweat. Amy was closing in on her prey again when the wily European slid below (where her belt might have been) - alas, there was no referee to chide her for fighting dirty. Eventually it took the winner 56 minutes to bring her opponent to orgasm, and then the victrix took one for herself.

This is nearly an hour shot with one camera without interruption. The women never took a break; we would not have wanted to get between them to suggest one. Now you, too, can take a ringside seat at the Expo's most private match.

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