V219 Dueling DDs III & IV

DDDs III: No Two Ways About It
and stars Tanya Danielle and Devon Michaels. The two buxom beauties could not settle their differences in Dueling DDs I & II; apparently the committee couldn't come to a decision either. It declares a tie, but the two would-be spokeswomen are having none of that. Tanya and Devon shred each other's dresses and claw each others' breasts in a rip roaring catfight that leaves them hot and sweaty and in need of…
Part IV: The Bath.
Devon uses her breasts to raise a lather on Tanya's most intimate parts; slick soap and shiny spray set their bodies to glistening in the rising bath water. The heat of the moment drives them to grind their crotches together in the frothing tub until the loser is forced to admit just who is the better woman. 47 minutes of catfighting and sexfighting.


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