Live Sex From Budapest, Volume 1

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When these 5 girls write their "My Summer Vacation" essays they'll have some tales to tell. Amy O and Grace flew in from San Francisco. Nadege dropped in from Belgium. Christine and Anna were waiting in Hungary. They all came together in one long blur of matches over a long weekend in the country.
Here are three of the erotic fights.
Round one finds Amy and Anna writhing in oil, clad in barely there g-strings. And lots of oil. The match is held before a crowd of voyeurs wrapped in plastic to shield their legs, and the match is sufficiently competitive to generate some splash. There is, in fact, a winning pin-truly a novelty in the world of oil wrestling.
The action moves on to a grassy yard, where Amy O and the lithe, blonde Christine engage in a nude wrestling match on a blue tarp. The goal here is to control your opponent and to establish your dominance-and then to bring her to orgasm. It is clear early on that this is not Christine's first erotic match, and she is eager to prove to Amy that Hungarian girls are not easy. That's okay-it's a long weekend. No one ever said great sex had to be quick.
And it doesn't have to be slow, either-not if you've been turned on watching match after match from your secret hiding place on the side. Round three involves "competitive tribadism"-a "pussy fight" in plain English. Nadege and newcomer Grace tangle in a match so intense it results in two orgasms instead of the requisite one.
More than an hour of wrestling excitement awaits you in Live Sex from Budapest- Volume 1.


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Vol 1
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