V230 Live Sex from Budapest! Volume 2

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Nadege-she made her mark as a sexual dynamo with Wild Things. 
Grace came to us as a wrestler with Video Sports Ltd
These two come together in the oil live on the mats in Budapest.
Nadege is intensely competitive and has established herself as one of the world's top combatants-but oil is a great leveler. The light and dark bodies slip and slide as they glisten under the lights and the collective sigh of the audience underscores that sweet sucking sound two bodies make as they press out the air between them. This is the final round of the oil wrestling madness. It's past midnight and these men have been waiting for this one last fight. These two women do not disappoint.
Amy and Nadege generate heat no matter what they do. Here they are matched in a bout of erotic wrestling. Thunderstorms have driven them off the grass into the living room of a little country pension outside Budapest. This struggle for sexual supremacy is different from any we have seen. It is fast and skilled and passionate-three adjectives seldom strung together in relation to sex-but apt in this case. It must also be very, very good, as it results in multiple orgasms in a short period of time.
And finally Grace meets Melinda in an exquisitely erotic bout of tribadism-slow, sensuous, remarkably intense. These two women are from different continents and different cultures but their bodies speak a common language. Melinda is fascinated with Grace's free flying breasts, and grabs hold with both hands. Grace grips the sultry Hungarian's nipples and works her magic-and both women know how to generate that fire down below. Here is a sexfight shot live and nonstop in front of an audience with two hungry women on the mats.


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