V232 H2O Cats
Here are two catfights shot in the water!

First is Some Like It Wet-a 22 minute fight between two delightful youngsters-Jana Cova and Bobbi Eden. These gorgeous blondes enter the water naked and don't come out until one has trounced the other. They press their natural breasts together and grab each other's hair as they thrash about in a frenzy. The water is cold and the fight is fast and these nude beauties show no mercy until one cries, "Stop!"
Next up is Long and Leggy, a 37 minute fight in three parts. Two tall, long-legged rivals fight for one special man-in the pool, on the grass, and in his bed. Nineteen year old newcomer Flame tackles veteran catfighter Bionca in a spectacular underwater fight with lots of interlocking legs and hairpulling. The two statuesque combatants wrap their legs into knots as they tangle on their boyfriend's lawn, and when they reach the bed this fight takes an erotic turn. They go breast to breast and crotch to crotch until the friction is more than they can bear. But Long and Leggy is all catfight-these angry young women are locked in combat for the duration. There is, in fact, no full frontal nudity in this segment-the women got so caught up in the action they forgot all about their bottoms!

Two fights on one tape for the connoisseur of wet and wild catfight action! 
59 minutes plus previews of V230 through V211.

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