V 241 The Power and the Glory


Sometimes you just know you're in the presence of greatness. 
It was like that with Ring Riot
We knew it after Bridal Battle.
I will tell you here and now:
"The Power and the Glory" is a classic.

Now, as always, that all depends on what you like. This is not a boxing video. It is not an all-out fierce catfight. If you are into interracial, mixed wrestling, or big boob battles-- this one won't do it for you. And there isn't even any oral sex.

But if:
You love competitive wrestling...
You thrill to sexual domination through strength and holds...
The sight of two beautifully muscled young bodies glistening with sweat makes you crazy...

Look no further. Amy O. and Aria are here.

The two young wrestlers are proud and sure of themselves, and they approach this wrestling strip-off with attitude and strategy. But as tops and bottoms are sacrificed, restraint is cast aside. Their sleek wet bodies cling together, breasts pressed nipple to nipple and legs locked in a combative embrace. Pins and falls are no longer the issue: only capitulation by orgasm will do. And no, it don't come easy....

A full 77 minutes are devoted to the most complete and final of submissions, until one woman's orgasm is another's triumph. Deep soul kissing, nipple pinching, and vigorous crotch to crotch action facilitate this end, as well as some well applied hair pulling. But it is the wrestling that turns them on.

But wait-- there's more. Special only on the DVD-- more than an hour of bonus footage!

We shot this with two cameras. This always means choices, and some of those are hard. Sometimes the view from both angles was so fine we couldn't bear to sacrifice one or the other. The DVD version contains special unedited footage from the second camera. 

So for those of you who crave two women wrestling with naked abandon--for those who want some fight with their sex-- the women who brought you Wild Things and Lost on the Bad Side are ready to make you smile.


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