The Women's Wrestling Convention is a rare chance to see fighting women up close and personal.

Rarer yet - it's an opportunity for various clubs to pit their stars against each other in unrehearsed and unpredictable matches that come together moments before the two meet in the ring.

This fall Chantel came to San Diego on California Wildcats' behalf. She met the legendary Christine Dupree in a nipple twisting catfight with a thoroughly bizarre ending. (You can thank Hollywood!)

Venus De Light hopped in the ring next, hoping to teach the young challenger a thing or two. That fight left rosy red handprints all over the buxom superstar's ample breasts and gave her new respect for the feisty redhead.

Finally Terry Starr from Lady Victoria's camp challenged Chantel to a pro-style catfight that caught us all by surprise.

It was spontaneous and it was wild - and here are the only two topless catfights shot live in the ring during WWC '00.

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