CW194 The Scarlet Letter

Lithe, lovely Goldie is a houseguest in Chantel's home - and in Chantel's husband's affections, apparently. The tanned and toned young  Englishwoman shows no shame, and Chantel is quick to show her that Yankee hospitality has its limits. Her nails sink into Goldie's delicate breasts; her teeth take hold of the blonde's erect nipples. The quest for sexual supremacy is on. They lock lips. They open their thighs to one another and each tests her womanhood against her rival's. They twist each other's breasts and tweak each other's nipples until even the viewer has to cry out in pain. Chantel is determined to bring this upstart to her knees and onto her back - the loser's face buried deep between the winner's thighs. But Goldie's not here because she's easy… and Chantel will have to fight hard to hear,
"The British are coming!"

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